Sometime soon I’ll begin populating this section with some of the projects I’ve worked on, I’m working on, and that I’m planning on working on in the near future. Some of the things to look forward to:

  • Nextcloud install in CentOS and Slackware Linux distros, along with configuration for large web-based file sharing (i.e. 20 GB files). The CentOS version is geared for Enterprise environments, while the Slackware version is better suited to SOHO environments with slower connections.
  • Installing and configuring Tiki Wiki Content Management Software in CentOS and Slackware Linux distros. Don’t care if it sounds lame – it’s what I’m working on at work and there are some interesting aspects to Tiki Wiki that most people who want to build a website don’t know that it’s capable of and would be giddy as shit about if they weren’t so overwhelmed by the prospect.
  • An affordable DIY 20U full-depth server rack (I’m really looking forward to this one). Once it’s done there will be pictures galore, and if you really want to build your own I’ll even have fully detailed instructions, drawings, parts list, and tools list available for purchase. I’m probably wrong, but I predict the final cost of this project will be around $200.
  • Complete rack monitoring and control system (power and temperature mostly) using a Raspberry Pi, a bunch of sensors and fans, an LED output for visual reference, and a highly customized application controlling everything.
  • Budget-friendly, rack-mounted home storage system using consumer components. The hard drives are going to be the expensive part, so if you have a bunch laying around you’ll be golden.
  • How to build a High Availability (HA) virtualization cluster on a shoe-string budget.
  • A whole-house media system.
  • Slackware Linux tutorials – install, configure, update. Also going to go into detail on how to set it up as a webserver running (surprise surprise) WordPress. If you’ve never built a Linux server, are terrified of being told “RTFM, asshole!”, just need some visual clues, or want someone to just show you how to do everything, then these tutorials will likely be for you. I assume nothing, and by the end you will probably feel insulted at how stupidly-easy I’ve made it to follow along.
  • And finally, the one project I am both dreading and anxiously looking forward to, setting up an OpenStack private Cloud infrastructure. I’ll be doing this one at work and posting my slow-ass progress at home at night. I’ve heard that there should be a team of people with a wide-range of skills and expertise working to build an OpenStack Cloud, and when I brought that up to my bosses the response was, “Tough shit. You wanted to do this, so figure it out.” Going to be some fun times ahead.

These are just some of the ideas I’ve got floating around in my head, so please check back from time to time to see what other crazy shit I’ve come up with.