Probably one of the more important (and enjoyable) things I do with my day is whipping out my Kindle and reading for a little bit. If there’s downtime at work I tend to have Amazon’s Kindle Cloud open, or I open a book I’ve converted to a Word document to read it that way. Regardless, I am a voracious reader. Sci-Fi and Fantasy are my go-to choices, but I’ve also read quite a few thrillers, mysteries and even young adult books. History, politics, biographies are also occasionally on my list. If it has a decent story, the characters are fleshed out, and the plot moves right along I tend to enjoy the hell out of a book. In 2015 I read 111 books, with a total of 35,682 pages (according to my Goodreads stats). The numbers dropped a bit in 2016, to 75 books and 28,255 pages. This doesn’t include all the technical books and documentation I read as part of my job.

I consider reading to probably be a critical educational tool, and instilling a love of reading in children is probably one of the best things parents and teachers can do for a child. Reading expands horizons, allowing our imaginations to take flight and soar. It stretches minds into considering other possibilities. Reading books even helps expand vocabularies and exposes people to new and exciting concepts.

As you might imagine I deeply oppose even the idea of censorship.

I’m not exactly sure what form this section of the website is going to take, but hopefully it will be both entertaining and educational.