About Me

In case you were wondering why I consider myself a digital cowboy, consider my last name. My friends have called me Cowboy for most of my life, and of all the silly nicknames people could call one another, I think mine is pretty damn cool.

It’s also an acknowledgement of what I do professionally – I’m a systems administrator, and wrangling hardware and software is what I do professionally. My interest is in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, and the fact that I get paid to work with those technologies is something I give thanks for every day. I’ve administered a global virtualization infrastructure with hundreds of hosts in a dozen geographic locations on four continents, with thousands of virtual machines spread across them. I’ve also worked on a single host with a couple virtual machines in my home. The size and scope of the responsibility doesn’t change the challenges.

Presently I’m working on implementing large, web-based file sharing systems using Open Source Software, as well as configuring a Content Management System using Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. Lots of fun! And once that’s done I get to start implementing a private cloud infrastructure using OpenStack. It’s a great day to be a digital cowboy!