If you have the coin, Katja has the wares

If you have the coin, Katja has the wares

Several years ago my last cat died. Misty was a Russian Blue who acted more like a dog than a cat – she loved to play fetch and nothing made her happier than bouncing off the walls and grudgingly sharing my bed with my older cat, Megan (RIP Megan – we had a good 15 years).

Anyways, I’ve always loved cats and really wanted to get another one, but I didn’t think an apartment was the appropriate place for one to live. And after I got my house my mom brought her cat along. So I figured everything was okay, but it turns out that Luna is highly dependent on having someone around, even if they’re in another room. She gets despondent and starts to injure herself, which we discovered when my mom and I took off to visit her brother in Mississippi for Christmas.

So I hatched a plan – I would get another cat for Luna. I was thinking all black, and calling him/her Midnight. I figured they would bond over their similar circumstances (i.e. trapped in my house). Alas, reality is not quite that neat.

Several weeks later my mom got a call about a mostly black kitten up for adoption and demanded we go see her. I was more on the reluctant side of things because kittens are a lot of work, and frankly I wasn’t sure how the resident cat would take it. Frankly, there’s not a maternal instinct in her, just the desire to play and fight. Still, I went, and once there we found not one, but two kittens. Brother and sister – Radagan and Olivia. The moment I handled Radagan he started to purr and went right to sleep in my arms. Olivia was the same with my mom. I didn’t have it in my heart to separate them, so I adopted both.

It’s been a week since then, and both are beginning to fit in rather nicely. Luna tolerates them, but not much beyond that. They enjoy running into my office and climbing all over everything, and even under my reading chair (it’s Radagan’s favorite spot to chill out, while Olivia likes to curl up in my backpack and snooze).

I think they’ll be just fine.

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